11 Useful Tips On Cleaning Your Drains

None of us want to have any kind of blockage in our drain pipe and most of the time we can avoid the complete blockage of drains by paying proper attention on the hints. If you notice an unpleasant smell in your office or deposition of water close to your feet instead of going away from drain pipe, or if your sink takes longer time to drain, then it is a clear sign you need to take some action for drain cleaning. Thankfully, there are so many tips that can help you in the drain cleaning and here are 11 useful tips on cleaning your drains in really smart and highly effective manner. 


Baking soda and vinegar: You can make a mixture of baking soda and vinegar in a bigger mug. You can take both of these things half cup quantity. When you will mix it, it will immediately start fizzing and you should immediately pour that mixture into your drain pipe. This fizzing of vinegar and baking soda will help you remove the hairs, gunk and many other kind of grime that made a nesting space in your drain pipe. You can let it sit for a few hours or for overnight and in morning you can flush the same with hot water. That will certainly help you do the drain cleaning in a smart way.

Metal wire hanger: This is a very simple method of drain cleaning that can be highly effective in every ways. In this method, first you need to take a metal coat hanger and then you need to straight it out as much as possible. After straightening, you can make a hook like shape with it at once end and then you can pull all the deposition of your drain pipe using that hook. You only need to remember that you do the pulling not pushing. After pulling the waste, you can flush it with warm water and you can throw away the waste outside.

Wet and dry vacuum: A lot of people can have wet and dry vacuum in their house, but they may not have any awareness about it usability for the drain cleaning. To finish the drain cleaning with this vacuum cleaning method, first you can set it to suck all the liquid and then you can use it to suck dry stuff. That will work like a charm and you can have a clean drain pipes in really simple way.

Use boiling water: Any tip for drain cleaning cannot get easier than this. You just need to take boiling water in a kettle or anything else that make it easy to pour, then you need to pour the water into the pipe. Here, you need to remember that you boil the water as much as possible and you don’t wait any further to pour into your drain pipe. You can do the pouring in few steps in several seconds gap and that will do wonder for you in really easy way.


Use caustic soda: Before you try this method, make sure you get safety gears such as eye protection and rubber gloves. Also, if possible cover other parts of your body as well to make sure you are not having any kind of open parts because it can cause some serious chemical burns. You can take one liter cold water in a bucket and you can pour 3 cup of caustic soda in it. After that you need to stir it well but safely and then you need to pour the solution into drain pipe. Leave it for 30-50 minute and then flush the pipe with clean boiling water. You may need to try this process several time for drain cleaning but you can have great results for sure.

Use a drain snake: There are plenty of drain snake tools available in the market and you can buy one as per your need. You may either buy a hand driven drain snake or you can buy a motorized one and you can use that for drain cleaning. Either if these solutions will work great for your drain cleaning considered you choose it wisely and smartly.

Use salt and baking soda: you can take half cup of baking soda and half cup of salt in a jar and then you can our that in your drain pipe. After that you need to leave it for 30 minute or so and then you can pour some boiling water in it. The baking soda and salt will not only dissolve the clogging but it will do amazing drain cleaning as well. And you can have clean pipes with minimum efforts.

Use dish washing solution: For drain cleaning, you can also use the dish washing solution in a very effective manner. You can pour one fourth cup of dish washing solution into the drain pipe and sometime later you can pour hot water in it. That combination of liquid soap and water will do the drain cleaning and it will help you get a clean pipe without putting so much efforts in it.

Clean the pipe: Sometime you may need to clean the pipe from other end. So, if you notice that above methods are not working, then chances are there deposition is there at the other end of the pipe. In that case you need to check out the other end you can use clean that using a drain snake or hook method.


Use plunger: There are various kind of drain plungers are available there that can help you do the drain cleaning. If you think above solutions are not working then you can try the drain plunger for drain cleaning. This will work because you will use force of nature that is gravity and your human efforts. Chances are really high that this method work for you without any issue.

Call an expert: Sometime, none of the above methods may work and you may find no solution for your problems. In that situation calling an expert would be the best thing that you can do for drain cleaning. When you will call expert, then they will check out the problem and they will try to solve it in the best possible manner for you.


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